Monday, 23 November 2009

A very quiet week - though after a weekend with Rachel, most weeks would seem fairly peaceful....

We are still getting builders around to give us quotes for the building work we want - I know that a good builder should be a  busy builder, but it can be quite hard work actually getting the quotes - so no change from England there.

On Wednesday we drove up to the North of Limousin to visit David Brown, who runs a business doing floorplans over here. We have met once before, and he was keen to see my elevated camera gear at work. He'll put in his ads that he can provide this service, and I can also help out if he has any floorplan work down our way. I need to formally set up a small business - not as easy as in UK, so I am seeking advice.

On Sunday we tried another Church for Judy - this time in the village of Limeuil in the Dordogne. Rather a distance away (over an hour and a half drive), but they hold Protestant services every Sunday. Jude enjoyed the service (which had far more worshippers than the church in Filkins ever seemed to have), while Bertie and I wandered around the village, along the banks of the river (it's in a spectacular location where the Dordogne and Vezere rivers join) and I had a coffee. After the service there was a "bring it yourself" lunch with wine and bread provided - very enjoyable. We'll go again but perhaps not every week. While there is a well-established Anglican church set up in the Dordogne, there seems to be nothing formal yet anywhere near us. We have found out about a group that meets in someone's home on Wednesdays in Pompadour near us, so Judy will be contacting them.

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