Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Judy says we have come to France to relax a bit - we are certainly learning to do that.

On Sunday I was going to take Judy to an English speaking Protestant church service in the Dordogne. It's about the nearest one to us and it's a good hour's drive. Unfortunately there was thick fog in the morning, so we had to give it a miss and just sit around and watch sport on TV - curses.

On Monday we made a double tactical mistake. We drove to the departmental capital of Tulle - about an hour from us. The two mistakes were that Tulle is not a very exciting place - although it is the administrative capital Brive is 3 times larger and rather more interesting. We should have taken notice of an acquaintance who runs a hotel we have stayed in - she says they really don't like Tulle, partly because there is not much there but mostly because the only reason they have to go there is to pay their taxes. The other mistake was going on a Monday - round here almost everything is closed on a Monday, and Tulle was no exception.

Today was a lot better. The weather is still grotty - grey and rainy, but we drove to Perigeux, the largest town in the Dordogne. It's a lovely town, with lots of interesting shops and back streets. We even found a good restaurant and had an excellent lunch.

For a view more views of our village click on this link:


there are several glimpses of our house.

Our first guest should be with us next week - Rachel our daughter is coming by train. We are really looking forward to showing her our house and the local area.

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