Tuesday, 31 October 2017

We always mean to go to the Marche des Producteurs in Le Saillant several times during July and August. This year only made it once with Simon and Anna and their family – they have a holiday cottage in the village.

Bowls on a Wednesday carrys on as always – nice people and all played for fun – no really. Of course we don't mind if we win or lose......

Very nice to see all the Makepeaces – met up a few times and we were allowed to meet the lovely Audrey – the first grand daughter.

This blog may possibly be considered to belong to Finn, our new Irish Wolfhound puppy. We reserved him before he was born, so we were able to visit him from a week old until we picked him up at 9 weeks.

This year's opera presented by the Festival de la Vezere at the Chateau du Saillant was La Boheme. As usual we went with the Lushes, and had a very enjoyable evening.

Before picking Finn up I went to the international dog show in Brive. Finn's breeder, Pascal Douis, was there showing a couple of dogs. The showing started at 09:00, the wolfhounds were supposed to be on at 11:00, by which time everything was running an hour late.

I've been taking more photos for my then and now slideshows – it would be nice if you could believe the met man when he says we are going to have a lovely sunny day Ah well, more practice on photoshop! Next project St Yrieix!

Pretty nice weather – August very warm, and we have had an “Indian Summer” in late October.

One Wednesday as bowls were cancelled we went a little further afield with the Lushes to the lovely village of Aubazine. There is an impressive Abbey, where Coco Chanel was brought up in the orphanage. We had lunch at Le Passadou, a lovely little restaurant way off the beaten track. We also checked out a cromlech and a dolmen! A cromlech is a stone circle, this one is deep in some wood and quite atmospheric. The nearby dolmen is what remains of a ancient burial mound.

The next day was pretty well my perfect day. We went to see how Finn was getting on at six weeks – jolly well being the answer. Then to the Chateaux de Gateaux in St Yrieix for a full English breakfast. A drive for a couple of hours, taking in the chateau in Chalus where Richard the Lionheart received his fatal wound. 

Finally back to the C de G for a cream tea with the Makepeaces – I could actually feel my arteries hardening...

Judy had her second cataract operation – went very well and she will probably only need glasses to read very small print or in poor light.

We thought they had finished all the roadworks outside, but they came back and scraped off the black top surface to reveal this new surface below. We hope that's it!

Lots of mosquitoes this summer, and they love me. Sadly I seem to be slightly allergic and the bites can be quite unpleasant. A couple of years ago I was bitten on a finger and had to have my wedding ring cut off. I also proved to be allergic to some crab sticks I had for lunch! On the positive side my slight problem with a high white cell count in my blood has stabilized, and I don't have to see the specialist for another two years.

We were hoping to have a few visitors this year, but they didn't really materialize. One couple came to stay one night on their way south, and the second pair fell foul of Ryanair's appalling cock up when their flight was cancelled.

I eventually got the car repaired from the accident we had in Suffolk in June. The old boy who did it has done a brilliant job.

We did get to see Richard and Joyce, who stayed with us last year. They spent 3 weeks in the Dordogne staying with our friend Diane. We managed to meet up, and they brought their son Nick and his wife Sarah to our place. Nick and Sarah were almose straned by Ryanair, but managed to get another light home.

On the 15th September we picked up Finn. There were only two dogs in the litter, and the other one was also being collected. We had a good trip back home, and he has got on pretty well with Icare who is hardly jealous at all.......

Got lots of Amazon vouchers for my birthday – thanks everyone. As always couldn't think of what to buy, but eventually got loads of book.

Their was an excellent dog show in Pompadour especially for “Levriers “ or running dogs, so for everything from whippets to Wolfhounds. Finn wasn't able to go as he had just had his vaccination, but it was very interesting.

As soon as Finn was able to go out we tried taking him to Objat market to socialise him. He behaved very well indeed, and was much admired.

We had an interesting  visit to the Pans de Trevessac, an old slate mine near Donzenac. Although the guided tour was a little rapid for our French comprehension, it's an impressive place.

Finn is now 4 months old and weighs well over 25kg. Well he knows who's boss anyway......