Thursday, 26 May 2011

Started this diary period with our 38th wedding anniversary – celebrated with a very enjoyable meal at our favourite restaurant (l’Auberge sur Vezere or Sara’s).  This was obviously a good omen as the weather since then has been pretty excellent – temperatures mostly in the mid-20s or higher, although there have been a few off days. Guess what it was like when we planned a day out with a picnic….

Jude was pleased to discover that although the hairdressers in our village had new owners, they were still Ok and cut her hair as she likes it. Just remember the whole commune has about 1400 people, the village has a bakery, post office auberge and…. a hairdressers. Priorities! We have both got new cameras and have been taking lots of photos - particularly around the village.

Although the weather has been pretty good (and there is already talk of droughts), when it does have a storm here it really lets go. We have had two really heavy hail storms, and it shows the wisdom of the local fruit farmers in putting netting over their crops – not for birds or insects, but for hailstorms. One of these storms would easily take out an entire crop.  

I’ve joined a small writers’ group – just a few English speakers who meet every month or so, with an ex English teacher to guide us. First meeting was at an 18th century chateau which is a B & B and gite complex, and has just been bought by a very dynamic American lady and her granddaughter. 

Next may be here, which will be a bit of a difference! Just before I managed to get this on line I found a couple of reviews of the blog – both seemed to like it which is very gratifying – thanks!
Rachel came down by train for a few days to see us – really enjoyable. Naturally for my daughter only the best accomodation is good enough...

We had a few nice drives, including one down to the lovely town of Beaulieu sur Dordogne – a nice day out. As Rae had just had her birthday we took her out for an excellent meal at Sara’s. Complimentary champagne and when Rae didn’t like her sweet it was taken off the bill.

Business picking up – did two elevated photo jobs in the last two days, and have at least one large chateau floorplan to do next week. The job is in the Lot et Garonne – about 2 ½ hours each way, but OK financially. France is a really big place. We took a photo of this motorway bridge the other day..

Had a couple of friends who run a gallery in Pompadour round for dinner, Judy did her rabbit in cider pie, which was a great success. We are now having a short breather before our next guests arrive from June onwards – if you are reading this we are really looking forward to seeing you all!
A couple of photos we need some help with. We saw this goat (sheep?) in a nearby field - any idea as to species?

And this is above the door of a house in the village - I like to think that a couple moved into the house through that door when the maried, and left through it after they died. I am such a big old softy.

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