Saturday, 5 March 2011

Once again it’s been a while since I last put finger to keyboard, but we have spent most of the time just keeping warm – we are saving ourselves for the sunny weather and our visitors. We have more or less recovered from the various coughs, colds and lurgies that we are convinced were given to us by our nearest and dearest in England over Christmas. Below - view of our valley.

In France they are only allowed to have sales in the shops twice a year for about 3 weeks at time – and the actual dates are specified. This means that we don’t have the DFS sale all year syndrome, but the shops are certainly a little busy for the first few days!

Judy got some lovely presents for her birthday – in no particular order a lovely jumper, a scent diffuser (fighting a valiant but losing battle with the Bertie diffuser), a digital camera and a necklace made from old Venetian trade beads. We also had a lovely Sunday lunch out.

My little business venture is starting to warm up again with the weather. I have spoken to a few estate agents who deal in premium properties, and have had some useful feedback and, possibly, hope of work in the future. For one agent I write a short article which she sends out to her clients with a monthly property update e mail. I already have one article in next month’s (April) French Property News magazine about how to photograph your property for sale and how important floorplans are (it’s called advertorial). I wrote another article on our village, which will be in June’s issue.

This got me thinking, and so I have contacted a few other magazines to see if I can interest them in articles from this area. Also FPN don’t pay – so someone who does would be good! Oh, and I got a photo in this month’s FPN too.

Judy is still enjoying her French lessons every week with Francois in Pompadour. When she asked if Francois knew of a cheaper dog trimmer (over €50 last time), she advised us to use an English lady in Pompadour. So yesterday, after weeks of doing nothing, became a little busy….

09:20 to Pompadour, drop Bertie off with dog trimmer at 09:45. Drive around for an hour until drop off Judy for her 11:00 French lesson. Try and think of what to do for an hour. Went to see friend who runs an art gallery in Pomadour as he always offers a cup of coffee! In fact I hope to interview him and a couple of others for magazine article.

Picked up Judy, picked up rather more socially acceptable dog. Went to Intermarché café for quick lunch. Had we booked ? For a supermarket café ? They found us table, reasonable lunch, place totally full about ten minutes after we sat down. High spot was next table with small baby in high chair. Parents and grandparents giving him little bits of food to eat, then granddad had bright idea of giving him something to play with – chose his (folded) knife and cigarette lighter.

From there a two hour drive (luckily it was a lovely sunny day) to the town of Ribérac in the Dordogne, to meet two British estate agents who deal with pretty high end property. Went well and will do a floorplan of their house first to show what I can do. Two hour drive home.

We are now getting ready for our first visitors of the year – and we are really looking forward to seeing them and all the others who have promised, half promised or just hinted that they might come and see us.
I just added this photo because I did some pictures for a couple opening a very high end B & B / Hotel - I think it's quite spectacular!

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  1. There is so much charm in this blog! The photography is lovely - and as for the glimpse of that chateau to restore...that was five minutes of dreaming all to itself.

    Found you thanks to A Taste of Garlic highlighting you over on that blog, and I'll be honoured to become your 4th follower.

    Click on my name for my blog link.