Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Autumn is approaching pretty fast, although we haven’t had to have the heating on yet. Only a few more days to go though I fear.

This morning we heard a loud honking and rushed outside to see large skeins of geese flying over in perfect V formations - wonderful sight.

As predicted we have had a very quiet time in the last few weeks. Luckily Judy keeps a diary, but even that hasn’t got much in it! Not complaining – we came here for the quiet life.

I got my birthday present a couple of weeks ago – an Amazon Kindle. Quite amazing to be able to order books and they just appear out of mid-air onto the reader. I am trying not to order everything in sight – there are quite a few good ones for free, so I have downloaded quite a few of those so far.

I am glad to say the car is running perfectly now, so we have been going on some very pleasant drives around the Correze countryside – even having the odd picnic. Judy has been trying to find a local church – a couple of weeks ago she tried one in Limoges, only about an hour away. Very nice people, but the service was not really to her taste. The following Sunday she went to the church at St Nathalene in the Dordogne again. I picked up a friend who lives nearby, and we had a very nice lunch in Sarlat.

I have had a couple more jobs drawing up floorplans – both large properties in the Dordogne, one a genuine Chateau, part dating back to the 13th century. Great fun, and fairly lucrative. I also used my elevated gear to take some shots of the apple fields here - all covered in netting not againts birds, but as protection from hail storms.

We have two walnut trees, which have produced huge numbers of nuts – we have 3 large boxes of unshelled ones, and there are still some to be picked up. We shelled a load, and have had walnut and basil pesto (delicious), made candied walnuts (OK) and frozen sveral bags. The rest will be shelled one day soon…..possible. We had hoped to find someone who made walnut oil in small quantities, but no luck so far.

That’s it apart from the rounds of Judy’s French lessons in Pompadour (she drives herself now), shopping, paying part of the rates bill etc. We are planning a trip to UK over Christmas – just trying to book the flights.

Oh, some new spaniels seem to have appeared around the place. Just don’t forget the original and best…….

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