Saturday, 12 June 2010

Quite a busy few weeks – two lots of visitors and some very changeable weather.

First came Brian Mitchell – an old RAF friend. He stayed for a very enjoyable week, although the weather wasn't as kind as it might have been. It was a bit grey and drizzly, but Brian enjoys long walks so he was able to do 3 long walks around Voutezac without it being too hot. We also took him to all the favourite places - Segur, Donzenac, Collonges, Brantome etc. Anyway he seemed to enjoy himself!

The day Brian flew back from Limoges, Sue and John Titchener arrived – friends from the RAF / Lechlade. They had stayed a few days with friends further South, and spent four nights with us. They brought the nice weather with them, and again we were able to show them lots of the nice places around here. We also had some very enjoyable meals, both out and in.

As they left the weather took another turn for the worse. We have had some very heavy rain, with lots of thunder and lightning. A lot of people have had their computers fried by the lightning, so I am careful to unplug the power (although I do have a surge protector) and internet connection.

I did my first paid job with my elevated photo gear. It's a small château in the Dordogne, set in a walled courtyard. The pictures show it off very well and the agent seemed very pleased – as was I.

If you like it it's on for €1.1m. Apparently Madame who is selling is a little discerning about who buys it – the agent said he had some prospective buyers from Russia who wanted to view the property, but Madame said “No Russians” !

I have also done a floorplan of another very large property in the Dordogne for another agent. This was a strange place, a beautifully restored old house, but with only two fabulous bedroom suites, another small bedroom and a studio bedroom. The caretaker's house has two bedrooms , and there are a swimming pool, lake and a lot, and I mean a lot, of land. Just €3.3m to you!

Domestically Judy has declared war on some Japanese Knotweed we found in the garden. She cuts them back and inject Roundup direct into them – nasty!

Yesterday we visited our friendly English farmer / butcher and picked up half a lamb for the freezer – wonderful meat. Does anyone know how you cook the cut lamb skirt ?

World Cup beckons – forced to sit in front of the TV. No tooting horns last night as France drew 0-0 with Uruguay – won't say anything yet as England play the USA tonight.

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