Monday, 15 February 2010

Not a lot to report since my last dispatch from the front. The weather has continued pretty cold with a bit of snow, so we have mostly stayed in and read or watched TV. We are saving our next lot of real exploring until we can share it with our visitors.
I have got my Siret or registration number for my small business, looking at creating a website and I am contacting prospective clients.

The French lessons are going well, we will practice a lot more when we go out more and there are a few of our neighbours actually outdoors as well.

We have had a few interesting experiences with the post – one parcel of books from Amazon was returned to them and the order cancelled as they couldn’t find our address. I re-ordered and they arrived in about 4 days. Other items have taken weeks, some just a couple of days.

Playing around with the panorama maker software I tried it indoors – so you can actually see a whole room. This is the dining room, very bare and empty at the moment and awaiting the input and inspiration of our interior designer (also known as Lisa our daughter-in-law).

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